Measure: Approve the GAHTF Declaration of Trust (item #34)

Passed on 2022-03-14

Approve the Declaration of Trust in accordance with Section 6-326 of the Greenwich Affordable Housing Trust Fund Ordinance ("GAHTF Ordinance").

Francis J. “Kip” Burgweger, Jr., Chairman of Legislative & Rules Committee, made a motion to amend Item No. 34 in Section 10, paragraph 1, line 2 to insert the word “of” between the words “Town” and “Greenwich” to read “within the Town of Greenwich”.

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Party Breakdown

  • Democrats were most likely to vote: Yes
  • Republicans were most likely to vote: Yes
  • Unaffiliateds were most likely to vote: Yes

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Votes Cast


Name District Vote Modality
Martin Cristian Blanco District 3 Yes Remote
Mary Connolly Flynn District 12 No Remote
Daniel C. Schreck District 10 Yes Remote
Mary Tobin District 6 Yes Remote
Felice "Felix" Rovelli District 5 Absent Absent
Andrew Oliver II District 8 No In Person
Erika Walsh District 2 No Remote
Frederick R. Feldman District 1 Yes Remote
Joan F. Lowe District 3 Absent Absent
Steven B. Katz District 10 Yes Remote
Javier A. Aleman District 4 Yes Remote
Judith G. Goss District 1 Yes Remote
Alison F. Soler District 8 Yes In Person
Louisa H. Stone District 10 Yes Remote
Aaron J. Leonard District 12 Yes Remote
Donald R. Vitti District 4 Yes Remote
Marilyn Ross Cahn District 6 Yes Remote
Brian J. Maher District 6 Yes Remote
James J. O'Brien District 1 Yes Remote
Donald R. Conway District 2 Yes Remote
P. Jude Collins District 10 Yes In Person
Joyce P. "Jay" Teevan District 2 Yes Remote
Henry Scott Walter District 2 Absent Absent
Maria Madeleine Popp District 4 Yes Remote
W. Brooks Harris District 10 Yes In Person
Chalon W. Lefebvre District 12 Yes Remote
Hilary A. Gunn District 7 Yes Remote
Karen B. Giannuzzi District 11 Yes Remote
Jill M. Capalbo District 8 No Remote
Scott E. Kalb District 7 Yes Remote
William W. Galvin III District 7 Yes Remote
Edward T. Broadhurst III District 5 Yes In Person
Adele Caroll District 8 No Remote
Claudia A. Carthaus District 9 Yes Remote
Samarpana Tamm District 4 Yes Remote
David P. Snyder District 6 Yes In Person
Hector E. Arzeno District 8 Yes In Person
Dana Gordon District 8 Yes Remote
Thomas P. Conelias District 3 Yes Remote
Nancy B. Burke District 2 Abstain Remote
Carl G. R. Carlson Jr. District 1 Abstain Remote
Lindy M. Lilien District 5 Yes In Person
Sarah R. Haag-Fisk District 9 Yes Remote
Elizabeth Mills "Sanders" District 1 Yes Remote
Jeffrey W. Crumbine District 12 Abstain Remote
Jane S. Sulich District 12 Yes Remote
Donna F. Gaudioso-Zeale District 9 Yes Remote
Hannah P. Doherty District 8 Yes Remote
Ferdinando G. Schiro District 9 Yes Remote
Neil A. Caton District 8 Absent Absent
Luke Szymczak District 7 Yes Remote
Lisa Becker Edmundson District 8 Yes Remote
Jonathan M. Perloe District 8 Yes Remote
William B. Lewis Jr. District 1 Yes Remote
Victoria Martin Young District 6 Yes In Person
Andrew R. Melillo District 3 Yes In Person
Allyson T. Cowin District 10 Yes Remote
Catherine L. Whitaker District 5 Yes In Person
Elizabeth Porcher "Shaye" Hester District 9 Yes Remote
Abbe F. Large District 9 Yes Remote
Francia Alvarez District 12 Yes Remote
Lauren B. O'Keefe District 9 Yes Remote
Elizabeth C. Mac Gillivray District 7 Yes Remote
Jane C. Weisbecker District 9 Yes Remote
Gerald L. Anderson District 10 Yes Remote
Thomas Agresta District 12 Yes Remote
Abigail R. McCarthy District 12 Yes Remote
Matt DesChamps District 6 Yes Remote
Michael P. Brescia District 9 Yes Remote
Brian R. Raney District 9 Yes Remote
Joshua H. Brown District 4 Yes Remote
Kara L. Philbin District 10 Yes Remote
Jaysen Lee Medhurst District 1 Yes In Person
Lihong Zhang District 1 Abstain In Person
Barbara E. O'Neill District 6 Yes Remote
Cheryl A. Moss District 8 Yes In Person
Margaret G. Heppelmann District 11 Yes Remote
Michael Spilo District 11 Yes Remote
Richard J. Neuman District 11 Yes Remote
Brigitte A. Lee District 1 Yes Remote
Henry A. Orphys District 7 Yes Remote
Allison M. Walsh District 3 Yes Remote
Francis J. "Kip" Burgweger Jr District 8 Yes Remote
Bonnie Zeh District 4 Yes Remote
Marina Rosin District 7 Yes Remote
Laura P. Gladstone District 2 Abstain Remote
Ashley M. B. Smith District 5 Absent Absent
Carl Griffasi District 9 Yes Remote
Ellen Murdock District 12 Yes Remote
Tara S. Restieri District 7 Yes In Person
Cathryn Fineman "Cathy" Steel District 11 Yes Remote
Thomas M. Devaney District 11 Yes Remote
Mary Ellen D. Markowitz District 2 Yes Remote
Hilary Haroche District 10 Yes Remote
Martha Ozizmir Shoemaker District 5 Absent Absent
Kimberly D. Salib District 11 Yes Remote
Stephen R. Meskers District 6 Yes Remote
Mary M. "Molly" Saleeby District 8 Did Not Vote Remote
Diana D. Singer District 10 Yes Remote
Anne N. Jones "Dawson" District 9 Yes Remote
Victoria C. Bostock District 11 Yes Remote
Alanna M. Hynes District 1 Yes Remote
Sandra K. Harris District 10 Yes Remote
Richard J. Margenot District 8 Yes Remote
Ramya T. Hopley District 10 Yes Remote
Gregory J. Zorthian District 11 Yes In Person
Daniel E. P. Quigley District 1 Yes Remote
Elizabeth "Betsy" J. Galindo District 7 Yes Remote
Thomas J. Byrne District 6 Yes In Person
Barbara Galton Hindman District 12 Yes Remote
Averardo "Aldo" Pascarella District 2 Abstain Remote
Christopher "Skip" Parker Jr. District 5 Yes Remote
Randy Caravella District 8 No Remote
Ralph E. Penny District 11 Yes In Person
Steven P. Rubin District 3 Yes In Person
Caryn S. Rosenbaum District 8 Absent Absent
Brad Radulovacki District 11 Yes Remote
Lucy von Brachel District 4 Yes In Person
Thomas M. West District 11 Yes Remote
Jillian C. Aufderheide District 1 Did Not Vote Remote
Peter E. Berg District 8 Yes Remote
Elizabeth "Wynn" McDaniel District 7 Yes Remote
Sheryl B. Sorbaro District 10 Yes Remote
Debra Ciampi Kolman District 10 Yes Remote
Craig W. Amundson District 12 Yes In Person
Cory G. Williams District 8 Yes Remote
Miriam Mennin District 12 Absent Absent
Andrew S. Winston District 12 Absent Absent
Louise T. Bavis District 3 Yes Remote
Betsey S. Frumin District 9 Yes Remote
Allison C. "Icy" Frantz District 5 Absent Absent
Joan B. Thakor District 5 Yes Remote
Carol C. Ducret District 6 Yes Remote
Jonathan R. Shankman District 9 Yes In Person
Glen A. Canner District 12 Yes Remote
Wilma Nacinovich District 2 Yes In Person
Vincent C. Pastore District 8 No Remote
Ellen M. Brennan-Galvin District 7 Yes Remote
Joseph H. Benoit Jr. District 5 Yes In Person
Paul A. Olmsted District 5 Yes In Person
Adam L. Leader District 11 Yes Remote
Rosalind Nicastro District 3 Yes Remote
Adam M. Brodsky District 11 Yes Remote
Anthony James Moor District 7 Yes In Person
Allison W. Rogers District 5 Yes In Person
David de Milhau District 12 Yes Remote
Laura Darrin District 11 Yes Remote
Paula Legere-Mickley District 12 Yes Remote
Patricia "Patti" DeFelice District 9 Yes Remote
Ed J. Lopez District 3 Yes Remote
Katherine N. LoBalbo District 2 Yes In Person
Myra H. Klockenbrink District 8 Yes Remote
Jan Rogers Kniffen District 11 Yes Remote
Jocelyn Y. Riddle District 12 Yes Remote
Anne Driscoll District 10 Yes Remote
Adam A. Rothman District 3 Yes Remote
Paul E. Kramer District 5 Yes In Person
John M. Merrill District 6 Abstain Remote
Andrea J. Casson District 4 Yes Remote
Mark R. Kordick District 9 Yes Remote
Edward D. Dadakis District 1 No Remote
Daniel Izzo District 6 Abstain Remote
Brian J. Malin District 9 Yes In Person
David E. Oliver District 11 Yes In Person
Debbie L. Appelbaum District 7 Yes In Person
John M. McShea District 6 Yes Remote
Diego Sanchez District 4 Yes Remote
Joanne I. Steinhart District 9 Yes Remote
Nancy F. Dearing District 6 Yes Remote
Ronald G. Strackbein District 11 Yes In Person
Janet McMahon District 8 Yes Remote
Mary A. Keller District 12 No Remote
Alan A. Small District 10 Yes Remote
Robert T. May District 12 Yes In Person
Sally E. Bednar District 6 Yes Remote
Kathleen S. "Kathy" Smith District 6 Yes Remote
Andrew B. Taylor District 5 Yes In Person
Lynn B. Garelick District 1 Yes In Person
David J. Lancaster District 12 Yes Remote
Barbara T. Darula District 9 Yes Remote
Susan Fahey District 11 Yes Remote
Elizabeth J. "Liz" Eckert District 4 Yes Remote
Eric P. Beiley District 5 Yes Remote
Alexis Voulgaris District 6 Did Not Vote In Person
Sylvester J. Pecora Sr. District 3 Yes Remote
Lucia D. Jansen District 7 Yes In Person
Peter G. Van Duyne District 5 Yes Remote
Mareta C. Hamre District 10 Yes Remote
Nerlyn G. Pierson District 11 Yes Remote
Romulo E. Samaniego District 4 Yes Remote
Robert W. Carter District 6 Yes Remote
Nancy M. Better District 11 Yes Remote
Eileen J. Toretta District 2 Yes Remote
Carol A. Zarrilli District 9 Abstain Remote
Frederick R. Lorthioir District 12 Yes Remote
Philip A. Dodson District 8 No Remote
Duncan G. Burke District 2 Abstain Remote
Mary G. "Nanette" Burrows District 7 Yes Remote
Marla M. Weston District 1 Yes Remote
Thomas J. Cahill District 7 Yes Remote
Christine L. Edwards District 8 Yes Remote
Pragati Soni District 2 Yes In Person
James Waters District 12 Yes Remote
Robert J. McKnight Jr. District 4 Yes Remote
Alexander J. Popp District 4 Yes Remote
Katherine V. Hynes District 10 Yes Remote
Lucy B. Krasnor District 5 Yes Remote
Charles H. Parkhurst District 5 Yes Remote
Coline Jenkins District 6 Yes Remote
Ronald F. Carosella District 4 Yes Remote
Julia H. Lane District 1 Yes Remote
Alice B. Duff District 7 Yes Remote
Valerie Stauffer District 7 Yes Remote
Jane S. Sprung District 10 Yes Remote
Katharine Ashworth District 1 Absent Absent
Dean C. Goss District 1 Yes Remote
Christina P. Volkwein District 2 No Remote
Leonard B. Mackey Jr. District 4 Yes Remote
Kathleen M. Myer District 8 Yes In Person
Radhika A. Patel District 10 Yes Remote
Tracy H. Freedman District 11 Absent Absent
Dana G. Neuman District 11 Yes Remote
Doreen M. Pearson District 7 Yes Remote
Kimberly Morgan Blank District 7 Absent Absent
J. Robert Tuthill District 4 Absent Absent
Seth W. Bacon District 4 Yes Remote
Tracy D. Parsons "Grossman" District 6 Yes Remote
M. Irene Dietrich District 8 Yes In Person
Alison W. Ghiorse District 1 Yes Remote
Frederick Lee Jr District 1 Yes Remote