RTM District 7

North Center — Bounded on the north by Pemberwick Brook from the center of Weaver Street northerly to Rockefeller Pond and thence by Sherwood's Brook northerly to Clark's Drive and thence westerly of the center of Clark's Drive to Pecksland Road and thence northerly by the center of Pecksland Road to Round Hill Road, and thence by the center of Round Hill Road southerly to Lake Avenue, and thence southerly by the center of Lake Avenue to North Maple Avenue, and thence by the center of North Maple Avenue and Ridgeview Avenue and Andrews Road to North Street, thence northerly along the center of North Street and easterly along the center of Fairfield Road to Stanwich Road; on the east by the center of Stanwich Road southerly to the Boston Post Road; on the south by the center of the Boston Post Road from Stanwich Road to East Weaver Street; on the west by the center of East Weaver Street to Weaver Street, and by the center of Weaver Street to Pemberwick Brook.

At a Glance

The graph below highlights groups of members within a district who tend to vote similarly on measures. Members are represented by circles, the color of which indicates their grouping. A line connects two members if they vote the same at least half of the time.

Click and drag to zoom on a grouping. Double-click to zoom out.

Some members are omitted due to limited voting data, either due to: (a) low voting participation (Thomas J. Cahill; Kimberly Morgan Blank; Ellen M. Brennan-Galvin; Elizabeth "Betsy" J. Galindo; William W. Galvin III; Michael P. Behringer); or (b) having joined too recently (N/A). See notes below.

Analysis considers the voting history of the current term and only includes current members who voted on at least two-thirds of all measures considered by the RTM in that time period. Measures which were unanimous within a district are excluded (e.g., procedural measures like the consent calendar are often unanimous - which would skew the analysis - and are therefore omitted). To read more about the grouping algorithm, see: Clauset, A., Newman, M. E. J., & Moore, C. (2004). Finding community structure in very large networks. arXiv.

Current Members

Name Term Start Officer and Committee Position(s)
Elizabeth "Wynn" McDaniel Jan '24 District Chair
Debbie L. Appelbaum Jan '24 District Secretary, Education Committee Member
Kimberly Morgan Blank Jan '24 Claims Committee Member, Labor Contracts Committee Vice Chair, Legislative and Rules Committee Alternate
Ellen M. Brennan-Galvin Jan '24 Land Use Committee Vice Chair, Town Services Committee Alternate
Thomas J. Cahill Jan '24 Parks and Rec Committee Member
Alice B. Duff Jan '24 Appointments Committee Member
Elizabeth "Betsy" J. Galindo Jan '24 Appointments Committee Alternate, Public Works Committee Member
William W. Galvin III Jan '24 Budget Overview Committee Alternate, HHS Committee Vice Chair
Hilary A. Gunn Jan '24 Town Services Committee Member
Elizabeth C. Mac Gillivray Jan '24 Legislative and Rules Committee Member
Anthony James Moor Jan '24 Transportation Committee Chair
Marina Rosin Jan '24 Education Committee Alternate
Valerie Stauffer Jan '24 District Vice Chair, Finance Committee Member
Michael P. Behringer Jan '24 Finance Committee Alternate
Margaret H. Butler Jan '24 Parks and Rec Committee Alternate
Marianne Gattinella Jan '24 HHS Committee Alternate
Miriam L. Kreuzer Jan '24 Budget Overview Committee Member
Martin T. Leibrock Jan '24 Public Works Committee Alternate, Transportation Committee Alternate
Victoria "Vicki" Spencer Morton Jan '24 Land Use Committee Alternate

Please note that our data starts in January 2022. Many members served (many!) terms before then.

Name Term(s) Served Officer and Committee Position(s)
Henry A. Orphys Jan '22-Dec '23 District Vice Chair, Finance Committee Vice Chair (Jan '22-Dec '23)
Mary G. "Nanette" Burrows Jan '22-Dec '23 Parks and Rec Committee Member (Jan '22-Dec '23)
Sunghi P. Frauen Sep '22-Dec '23 HHS Committee Alternate (Sep '22-Dec '23)
Lucia D. Jansen Jan '22-Dec '23 Budget Overview Committee Chair (Jan '22-Dec '23)
Scott E. Kalb Jan '22-Dec '23 Legislative and Rules Committee Secretary (Jan '22-Dec '23)
Tara S. Restieri Jan '22-Dec '23 Land Use Committee Alternate, Public Works Committee Alternate (Jan '22-Dec '23)
Luke Szymczak Jan '22-Dec '23 Education Committee Alternate, Finance Committee Alternate (Jan '22-Dec '23)
Doreen M. Pearson Jan '22-Jul '22