Measure: Set RTM Meeting Dates for '22-'23 Term (item #4)

Passed on 2022-01-18

The regular meeting dates for the 2022-2023 RTM term shall be set forth below, and those dates shall preempt any provisions of the RTM Rules that may be in conflict (for the 2022-2023 term only): 2022: Tuesday, January 18; Monday, March 14; Monday, April 11; Monday, May 9; Monday, June 13; Monday, September 19; Monday, October 24; Monday, December 12. 2023: Tuesday, January 17; Monday, March 13; Monday, April 17; Monday, May 8; Monday, June 12; Monday, September 18; Monday, October 23; Monday, December 11.

At a Glance

Party Breakdown

  • Democrats were most likely to vote: Yes
  • Republicans were most likely to vote: Yes
  • Unaffiliateds were most likely to vote: Yes

Vote Breakdown

Overall Outcome

Outcome by District

Votes by District

Votes Cast


Name District Vote Modality
Jonathan M. Perloe District 8 Yes Remote
Louise T. Bavis District 3 Did Not Vote Remote
Anne N. Jones "Dawson" District 9 Yes Remote
Aaron J. Leonard District 12 Yes Remote
Katharine Ashworth District 1 Yes Remote
Alexander J. Popp District 4 Yes Remote
Martin Cristian Blanco District 3 Yes Remote
Edward T. Broadhurst III District 5 Yes In Person
Jane S. Sulich District 12 Yes Remote
Thomas J. Byrne District 6 Yes In Person
Mary A. Keller District 12 Yes Remote
Jill M. Capalbo District 8 Yes Remote
Brigitte A. Lee District 1 Yes Remote
Elizabeth "Wynn" McDaniel District 7 Absent Absent
Jonathan R. Shankman District 9 Yes In Person
Michael Spilo District 11 Absent Absent
Barbara E. O'Neill District 6 Absent Absent
James Waters District 12 Yes Remote
Pragati Soni District 2 Yes In Person
Felice "Felix" Rovelli District 5 Yes Remote
Robert W. Carter District 6 Yes Remote
Martha Ozizmir Shoemaker District 5 Yes In Person
Peter E. Berg District 8 Yes Remote
Radhika A. Patel District 10 Yes Remote
Kimberly Morgan Blank District 7 Yes Remote
Duncan G. Burke District 2 Yes Remote
Mark R. Kordick District 9 Yes Remote
Joan B. Thakor District 5 Yes Remote
Stephen R. Meskers District 6 Yes Remote
Sheryl B. Sorbaro District 10 Yes Remote
Brad Radulovacki District 11 Yes Remote
Christopher "Skip" Parker Jr. District 5 Absent Absent
Averardo "Aldo" Pascarella District 2 Yes Remote
Allyson T. Cowin District 10 Yes Remote
Alison F. Soler District 8 Yes Remote
Mary G. "Nanette" Burrows District 7 Yes Remote
Paul A. Olmsted District 5 Yes Remote
Allison M. Walsh District 3 Yes Remote
Myra H. Klockenbrink District 8 Yes Remote
Jaysen Lee Medhurst District 1 Yes Remote
Lihong Zhang District 1 Yes In Person
Eileen J. Toretta District 2 Yes Remote
Nerlyn G. Pierson District 11 Yes Remote
M. Irene Dietrich District 8 Yes In Person
Richard J. Neuman District 11 Yes Remote
Nancy F. Dearing District 6 Yes Remote
Adele Caroll District 8 Yes Remote
Sylvester J. Pecora Sr. District 3 Yes Remote
Brian J. Maher District 6 Yes Remote
Nancy B. Burke District 2 Yes Remote
Alexis Voulgaris District 6 Did Not Vote In Person
Adam A. Rothman District 3 Yes Remote
Katherine V. Hynes District 10 Yes Remote
Jeffrey W. Crumbine District 12 Yes Remote
James J. O'Brien District 1 Yes Remote
Doreen M. Pearson District 7 Yes Remote
Lucia D. Jansen District 7 Yes Remote
Carol A. Zarrilli District 9 Yes Remote
Lindy M. Lilien District 5 Yes Remote
W. Brooks Harris District 10 Yes Remote
Andrea J. Casson District 4 Yes Remote
Glen A. Canner District 12 Yes Remote
Ronald F. Carosella District 4 Yes Remote
Seth W. Bacon District 4 Yes Remote
Joanne I. Steinhart District 9 Yes Remote
Kimberly D. Salib District 11 Yes Remote
Frederick R. Lorthioir District 12 Yes Remote
Jane C. Weisbecker District 9 Yes Remote
Scott E. Kalb District 7 Yes Remote
Kara L. Philbin District 10 Yes Remote
Michael P. Brescia District 9 Yes Remote
Samarpana Tamm District 4 Yes Remote
Carl Griffasi District 9 Yes Remote
Hector E. Arzeno District 8 Yes In Person
Abigail R. McCarthy District 12 Yes Remote
Victoria Martin Young District 6 Yes Remote
David de Milhau District 12 Yes Remote
Catherine L. Whitaker District 5 Yes In Person
Donald R. Conway District 2 Yes In Person
Jane S. Sprung District 10 Yes Remote
Laura Darrin District 11 Yes Remote
Allison W. Rogers District 5 Yes Remote
Alison W. Ghiorse District 1 Yes Remote
P. Jude Collins District 10 Yes In Person
Francis J. "Kip" Burgweger Jr District 8 Yes Remote
Thomas P. Conelias District 3 Yes Remote
Lucy B. Krasnor District 5 Yes Remote
Andrew Oliver II District 8 Yes In Person
Gregory J. Zorthian District 11 Yes Remote
Cory G. Williams District 8 Yes Remote
Chalon W. Lefebvre District 12 Yes Remote
Matt DesChamps District 6 Yes Remote
Philip A. Dodson District 8 Yes Remote
Cathryn Fineman "Cathy" Steel District 11 Yes Remote
Jan Rogers Kniffen District 11 Yes Remote
Sally E. Bednar District 6 Yes In Person
Carol C. Ducret District 6 Yes Remote
David P. Snyder District 6 Yes In Person
Mary Connolly Flynn District 12 Yes Remote
Lisa Becker Edmundson District 8 Yes Remote
Jocelyn Y. Riddle District 12 Yes Remote
John M. Merrill District 6 Yes In Person
Ellen M. Brennan-Galvin District 7 Yes Remote
Louisa H. Stone District 10 Yes Remote
Jillian C. Aufderheide District 1 Yes Remote
Daniel Izzo District 6 Yes Remote
Kathleen M. Myer District 8 Yes In Person
Daniel E. P. Quigley District 1 Yes Remote
Elizabeth "Betsy" J. Galindo District 7 Yes Remote
Victoria C. Bostock District 11 Yes Remote
Elizabeth Porcher "Shaye" Hester District 9 Yes Remote
David J. Lancaster District 12 Yes Remote
Diego Sanchez District 4 Yes Remote
William B. Lewis Jr. District 1 Yes Remote
Barbara T. Darula District 9 Yes Remote
Tara S. Restieri District 7 Yes Remote
Francia Alvarez District 12 Yes Remote
Frederick Lee Jr District 1 Yes Remote
Leonard B. Mackey Jr. District 4 Yes Remote
Adam M. Brodsky District 11 Yes Remote
Susan Fahey District 11 Yes Remote
Richard J. Margenot District 8 Yes Remote
Marina Rosin District 7 Yes Remote
Joan F. Lowe District 3 Absent Absent
Sarah R. Haag-Fisk District 9 Yes Remote
Brian R. Raney District 9 Yes In Person
Romulo E. Samaniego District 4 Yes Remote
Mary M. "Molly" Saleeby District 8 Yes Remote
Margaret G. Heppelmann District 11 Yes Remote
Robert T. May District 12 Yes In Person
Ramya T. Hopley District 10 Yes Remote
Debbie L. Appelbaum District 7 Yes In Person
Javier A. Aleman District 4 Yes Remote
Paul E. Kramer District 5 Yes Remote
Mary Tobin District 6 Yes Remote
Paula Legere-Mickley District 12 Yes Remote
Donald R. Vitti District 4 Yes Remote
Marla M. Weston District 1 Yes Remote
Thomas Agresta District 12 Yes Remote
Lucy von Brachel District 4 Yes In Person
Rosalind Nicastro District 3 Yes Remote
Caryn S. Rosenbaum District 8 Yes Remote
Betsey S. Frumin District 9 Yes Remote
Lauren B. O'Keefe District 9 Did Not Vote Remote
Debra Ciampi Kolman District 10 Yes Remote
Judith G. Goss District 1 Yes Remote
Patricia "Patti" DeFelice District 9 Yes Remote
Gerald L. Anderson District 10 Yes Remote
Anthony James Moor District 7 Yes Remote
Joyce P. "Jay" Teevan District 2 Yes Remote
Elizabeth Mills "Sanders" District 1 Yes Remote
Maria Madeleine Popp District 4 Yes Remote
Luke Szymczak District 7 Yes Remote
Sandra K. Harris District 10 Yes Remote
Karen B. Giannuzzi District 11 Yes Remote
Alanna M. Hynes District 1 Yes Remote
Bonnie Zeh District 4 Yes Remote
Andrew R. Melillo District 3 Yes Remote
Steven P. Rubin District 3 Yes In Person
Dean C. Goss District 1 Did Not Vote Remote
Henry A. Orphys District 7 Yes Remote
Laura P. Gladstone District 2 Yes Remote
Kathleen S. "Kathy" Smith District 6 Did Not Vote Remote
Thomas J. Cahill District 7 Yes Remote
Christine L. Edwards District 8 Yes Remote
Robert J. McKnight Jr. District 4 Yes Remote
Marilyn Ross Cahn District 6 Yes Remote
Abbe F. Large District 9 Yes Remote
Thomas M. West District 11 Yes Remote
Janet McMahon District 8 Yes Remote
Joshua H. Brown District 4 Yes In Person
Joseph H. Benoit Jr. District 5 Yes Remote
Charles H. Parkhurst District 5 Yes Remote
Hilary A. Gunn District 7 Yes Remote
Thomas M. Devaney District 11 Yes Remote
David E. Oliver District 11 Yes In Person
Mary Ellen D. Markowitz District 2 Yes Remote
Vincent C. Pastore District 8 Yes Remote
Tracy H. Freedman District 11 Yes Remote
Carl G. R. Carlson Jr. District 1 Yes Remote
Steven B. Katz District 10 Yes Remote
Ashley M. B. Smith District 5 Yes Remote
Ronald G. Strackbein District 11 Yes Remote
Andrew B. Taylor District 5 Yes Remote
Allison C. "Icy" Frantz District 5 Yes Remote
Coline Jenkins District 6 Yes In Person
Elizabeth C. Mac Gillivray District 7 Yes Remote
Ed J. Lopez District 3 Yes Remote
Wilma Nacinovich District 2 Did Not Vote Remote
Claudia A. Carthaus District 9 Yes Remote
Nancy M. Better District 11 Yes Remote
Dana G. Neuman District 11 Yes Remote
Alan A. Small District 10 Did Not Vote Remote
Anne Driscoll District 10 Yes Remote
Ellen Murdock District 12 Yes Remote
Valerie Stauffer District 7 Yes Remote
Hannah P. Doherty District 8 Did Not Vote In Person
Edward D. Dadakis District 1 Yes Remote
Ferdinando G. Schiro District 9 Yes Remote
Eric P. Beiley District 5 Yes Remote
Adam L. Leader District 11 Absent Absent
John M. McShea District 6 Yes Remote
Craig W. Amundson District 12 Yes Remote
Miriam Mennin District 12 Did Not Vote Remote
Erika Walsh District 2 Yes Remote
Dana Gordon District 8 Did Not Vote Remote
Andrew S. Winston District 12 Yes Remote
Peter G. Van Duyne District 5 Yes Remote
Cheryl A. Moss District 8 Yes In Person
Elizabeth J. "Liz" Eckert District 4 Yes Remote
Donna F. Gaudioso-Zeale District 9 Yes Remote
Hilary Haroche District 10 Yes Remote
J. Robert Tuthill District 4 Absent Absent
Frederick R. Feldman District 1 Yes Remote
Ralph E. Penny District 11 Yes Remote
Diana D. Singer District 10 Yes Remote
Daniel C. Schreck District 10 Yes Remote
Alice B. Duff District 7 Yes Remote
Lynn B. Garelick District 1 Yes Remote
Katherine N. LoBalbo District 2 Yes In Person
Neil A. Caton District 8 Abstain Remote
Mareta C. Hamre District 10 Yes Remote
Henry Scott Walter District 2 Yes Remote
Julia H. Lane District 1 Yes Remote
Barbara Galton Hindman District 12 Yes Remote
William W. Galvin III District 7 Yes Remote
Tracy D. Parsons "Grossman" District 6 Yes Remote
Randy Caravella District 8 Yes Remote
Brian J. Malin District 9 Yes In Person