Measure: $110,000 for Maintenance of Auto Equipment at the Fire Dept

Passed on 2024-03-11

The GFD is requesting $110,000 to replace and upgrade lighting on volunteer apparatus. The emergency response and scene lighting capabilities of engines 11, 41, 51, Rescue 5, and ladders 4 and 5 are below current standards and pose a safety risk to crews responding and operating on scenes in these vehicles. The lights on these vehicles are 18 to 21 years old and show their age due to deterioration of the lenses from fogging and scratches, as well as the intensity of the lights has also fallen off over the years. The lights no longer offer the same level of protection as they did when new, and they pale in comparison to the LED lights on our more modern apparatus. Crews report a more difficult time clearing intersections and poorer visibility when operating at accident scenes on the highway leading to a higher risk of apparatus accidents. Given the number of years that we will continue to rely on these apparatus, the GFD administration believes that a upgrade of their warning lights and scene lighting is necessary. Many of the older lights in question also pose a challenge for our Fleet mechanics. The manufacturer, Power Arc, is no longer in business and replacement parts are not available when a light fails. Each light has several components including an incandescent bulb, a rotator, and an individual 12V motor to turn the rotator. Scene lighting, on Rescue 5, while newer, also fits into this same category of scene lighting parts that Fleet cannot find parts for. There are multiple lights held together with tape as parts cannot be found which provides an unprofessional and unprepared response. This modern technology upgrade is also plug and play capable, so the lights will be able to be transferred to other again units as time progresses. This appropriation was approved by the BET on the routine calendar by unanimous consent.

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