Measure: $76,000 for Maintenance at the Fire Department

Passed on 2024-03-11

The GFD is requesting $76,000 In various maintenance lines and custodial supplies. This appropriation was approved by the BET on the routine calendar by unanimous consent. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. A205-54200, MAINTENANCE OF MACHINERY, TOOL: we are requesting $20,000 in this account as we have already used all available funds. This account is used for required NFPA testing of our SCBA self-contained breathing apparatus and their repairs as well as our hazardous materials metering equipment. The department has already spent $35,000 in the required NFPA flow testing and repair of SCBA units which we have tried to control through the use of this account and the 355 small equipment account. the department carries over 100 SCBA units and 300 bottles as well as approximately 75 hazardous materials metering devices. At this time the department still has more SCBA and meters that require repair.
  2. A207-52500, CLEANING SERVICES: we are requesting $12,000 for the remaining years trash and pest control needs. This ask is on par for this account spending over the last few fiscal years.
  3. A207-53350, CUSTODIAL & HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES: we are requesting $10,000 for custodial supplies as this line in past fiscal years has run around $25,000 but we have seen a price increase in commodities projecting for the line to be closer to $30,000.
  4. A207-54010, MAINTENANCE OF GENERAL PURPOSE: we are requesting $4000 for the remaining years lawn care and plowing needs.
  5. A207-54050, MAINTENANCE OF BUILD/SUPPLIES: we are requesting $25,000 as this account is already almost $10,000 in the negative. This account is used for wastewater removal from the tank at station 8, repair to the exhaust removal systems in the Firehouse is, repairs to the alarm systems and required NFPA testing
  6. A207-54200, MAINTENANCE OF MACHINERY, TOOL: we are requesting $5000 in this line for required air compressor testing. This line is also used for appliance and exercise equipment repair.

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