Measure: Accept Single Location for Early Voting (item #14)

Passed on 2024-01-16

Public Act No. 23-5 passed by the Connecticut State Legislature requires the Registrars of Voters in a municipality to designate a location for early voting. The Greenwich Registrars have selected Greenwich Town Hall. Municipalities with a population of 20,000 or more may designate one of more additional early voting locations. While additional locations are optional, municipalities meeting the threshold must make the determination and report that information to the Secretary of the State. If the legislative body creates an additional location, then the registrars of voters must begin the work of determining the location and staffing needs of the location. This would include creating a secure real-time connection to the statewide Connecticut Voter Registration System (CVRS). Currently CVRS can only be accessed within Town Hall. It is the joint recommendation of the Registrars of Voters that the town maintain a single location for early voting. The designated location of Town Hall is centrally located. It has the appropriate secure storage facilities for election equipment and ballots, it has the appropriate connections to CVRS, it has trained election personnel down the hall in the ROV office, and we believe it can adequately accommodate the number of early voters.

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